Flashpacker - a new word in the world of travel

Flashpacker is a new word in the sphere of free and independent travel. This notion appeared recently and not yet had time to enter our consciousness. Flashpacker is a modern version of backpacker. Kind of Beckpecker 2.0. Let's find out what is the difference in these two definitions, and I'm sure many people will recognize themselves in this word.

To begin with, a few words about who is backpacker from which our flashbacker "evolved". Bekpeker - a person who travels with a backpack (from ang Backpack - backpack). The main feature of this person is not that it has a backpack, not a suitcase on wheels, but that he travels with a minimum budget. Hostels for a few people, overnight stays in temples; meals from Mother Nature; hitchhiking. They go one way in search of adventure, experiences and new acquaintances.

According to Urban Dictionary, a flashpacker is a backpacker who carries around equipment (computers, cameras, quadcopters, etc.) or a backpacker who has money. In the backpack flashbacker unlikely to find a dirty and leaky socks, which he wore throughout his long journey, there is no sweaty T-shirt, which washed the last time somewhere in the rivers of the Ganges, and you do not meet this person in the hostel for 16 people. A flashpacker is a free traveler with the same backpack, but there will be apparatus, clean linen, and such a traveler will live in an inexpensive but secluded hotel room. These are people who previously went through the school of backpackers, but now they have the means to travel more comfortably, but still with the same backpack on their shoulders.

Flashpackers always know where to buy cheaper. They can't be "pushed" into expensive tickets and supposedly exclusive souvenirs, and they don't need "cheap" guide at all. They know how and where to "catch" promotions, discounts to make their trip budget, but comfortable.

How do you tell the difference between a flashbacker and a backpacker?

1. Age Flashbackers are usually older than the backpackers, as it is often the backpackers who "grow up" the latter. Their financial situation has changed for the better, but the desire to travel independently remains.

2. Where he works. As a rule, backpackers are wanderers with zero or minimal budget. They make money in the places they visit by performing on the streets, selling their travel photos, and in some cases just begging. A flashbacker doesn't have that. He either has a remote job, maybe his own small business, or maybe he has good savings.

3. How much of a budget he has. As mentioned earlier, one of the differences between a flashbacker and a backpacker is finances. A flashbacker no longer sleeps on a street bench, he can afford to eat dinner at a café and rent a private hotel room. The budget of such traveler is distributed wisely, but not cardinally. Flashpacker is not about a suite instead of a hostel. It is about the same cheap tickets, low-cost flights, couchsurfing, but in a much more comfortable atmosphere.

4. What he travels on. If the backpacker categorically chooses the word "cheap and free, albeit long," then the flashbacker values his time. He always analyzes the financial investment and the time spent: a bus for 500 rubles and 12 hours of travel or 5000 rubles and 2 hours of flight, flashpeaker will definitely choose the second option, although it is more expensive, because it will spend more time at the destination.

5. Where he lives. Flashpicker knows 1000 and 1 ways to get a good room, but at a minimum price. A room for 16 people with snoring roommates and perpetually busy toilets no longer suits him. Although hostels are still on his radar. Except that he prefers to live in a private room and preferably with its own bathroom. Even if you meet a flashpicker in an expensive hotel, most likely he found a way to book a room here at a very good discount.

6. What's in the backpack. Unlike a backpacker, a flashbacker does not take anything extra. If the need for new clothes or an accessory arises, he will buy it all on the spot. And of course, in the backpack flashpeaker can find a lot of gadgets and various cords for technology.

7. Where does he eat. If bekpeker fed, and even for free, it means it was a good day. The flashbacker has no problems with this, because he can afford to eat in cafes or inexpensive restaurants, in addition, in such places you can learn a lot about the culture of the local population.

8. Where he travels. Beckpecker in most cases goes where cheap. Flashbacker goes where he wants, naturally analyzing the possible financial costs.

To summarize all of the above, the flashpacker is the type of traveler who knows everything about cheap ways to travel from one point in the world to another; who knows how to budget to stay in an expensive hotel; who will pay a little more, but will get in return much more emotions and impressions. This is no longer the traveler who chooses the word "cheap" every time, but does not neglect cheap flights, inexpensive food at all. Flashpacker is a harmony, between cheap and comfortable, thanks to which they can travel often, getting great pleasure and minimum difficulties!

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    onlineexpo expert, creator of travel diary "Manyways_book" Olga Melnikova


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