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The most unusual hotels in the world!

Unusual hotels are, perhaps, in every country. Interesting architecture, extravagant designs, location of the hotel - one of these factors is sure to give the status of unusual. These hotels are, of course, many times less than the usual standard hotels, many extravagant hotels are even widely known and hyped, and many people know about them. True, the cost of rooms in such hotels is several times higher and not every traveler can afford to relax in such a hotel. But here is a list of hotels, whose uniqueness and unusualness is not so widely known, but quite affordable for everyone.

Selecting hotels involuntarily catch yourself thinking that the very possibility to stay in any of them - is in itself a nice bonus, and in some cases, even gets another sense of the trip! One thing is for sure, staying in such a hotel will be remembered for a long time and the impressions will probably stay with you forever.

Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel, Austria

Meet the Rogner Bad Blumau hotel in Austria and its architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who is acknowledged as an eccentric architectural genius of modern times. The houses he designed are reminiscent of the surreal and are often compared to the Spaniard Antonio Gaudi, from whom he really got his love of mosaics and put them to good use. The hotel is amazing and reminds one of the images from "Alice in Wonderland": trees and bushes growing on the roofs of buildings, rounded architectural forms, colourful facades and golden domes in the middle of picturesque fields and meadows create a feeling of unreality and real miracle. Add to this the fact that the hotel is located in the province of Styria, which has a large number of mineral springs and the hotel itself has a lake of volcanic origin, all together may turn out an unforgettable therapeutic tour of this fairy tale.

Hotel in a retro train The Old Railway Station UK

When it comes to Britain we often hear the expression "good old England", and The OldRailway station hotel is 100% true to this expression.

In the best English traditions here you can stay in a retro train, each car is fully equipped for comfortable accommodation. Fans of English style will definitely appreciate the interior design and details of furnishings, here literally with English pedantry everything is thought out! The old station building with the retro train next to it is also completely re-equipped: the waiting-room - hotel lounge, ticket offices - kitchen, and, if capricious English weather permits, on the platform, English breakfast is served in the morning

Walled-off Hotel, on the border of Israel and Palestine

We all know that Banksy, the author and mastermind of the hotel, never does anything for nothing. By challenging the society, he draws attention to an issue and expresses his opinion on an issue that many people would rather not talk about. So a hotel on the border between Israel and Palestine - a message designed to break the stereotypes held by Israeli society towards Palestinians. The hotel windows look directly on the concrete wall, which separates Israel and Palestine, so there is almost no sunlight in the rooms. What is really worth paying attention to is the interiors of the hotel: it is safe to say that here everything bears a certain social challenge to society. A perfect combination of seemingly incongruous things and of course the work of the rebel Banksy

Quadrum Hotel Gudauri, Georgia

To stay in the mountains is already an adventure in itself, and to stay in a hotel, which is made out of shipping containers and is located at an altitude of 2 thousand meters is quite original and unusual in my opinion. All rooms are well-equipped and of course offer panoramic views of the majestic Caucasus Mountains. The hotel belongs to small boutique hotels, where only natural materials of local origin were used for decoration. It is located in walking distance from the ski lift, and if you do not feel like skiing, you can have a great time in the hotel spa area or practice yoga, which is included in the price of the hotel

Hotel Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia

A designer boutique hotel, an Instagrammer's dream: in what other hotel, a photo just taken by a client and posted with a hashtag will appear on big screens in the hotel? Here it works, and the interior of the hotel itself disposes to want to take a photo literally in every corner. In the rooms, apart from the standard set of all amenities, there is also a tablet which the guest can use throughout the stay. The whole atmosphere is very democratic and reminiscent of a modern art museum

V8 HOTEL Motorworld Region Stuttgart, Germany

If you are a fan of cars, this is the place to stay. It is all about cars: the architecture of the building and the design is dominated by a car theme. All parts of automobiles are used in designing of rooms, in some rooms there are even automobiles in whole: it is possible to sleep on a cadillac bed, take shelter in a bedroom - garage, spread oneself on a sofa - bonnet, sleep on a "car washing". Since the hotel is located in the territory of the garage and exhibition complex, it is fitting that there is a car museum, where both old and new cars are exhibited.

Hotel Cuevas Pedro Antoniode AlarconHotel Cuevas Pedro de Alarcon, Granada, Spain

At Hotel Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon it is possible to live in a real cave, where the Moors hid from the Spaniards centuries ago. In the rooms are all the usual attributes of a hotel room, except for air conditioning: the temperature in the caves rarely rises above 19 degrees, and in the winter months you can turn on the fireplace, which is in every room. The hotel itself and the area around it, where incidentally there is a swimming pool, are decorated in typical village style, without excessive luxury. If you are lucky enough to stay here, hire a bike and ride around the area - the views are stunning, and you can easily reach the Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve by car.

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